Vintage Sears Christmas Ads from the
1950s, 1960s (and a couple of 70s!), Pt. IV

You *could* wrap it, but why bother, with a box this nice? This is the popular 'cowboy' stenciled Harmony-built Silvertone 612, renumbered in this 1959 'Wish Book' listing as a 616. Photo by Lawman Guitars.

The 616 catalog descriptor was likely to make sure you got the Santa-decorated box, as the guitar was stilled stamped as a 612 inside the body.


Let's roll back before the Silvertone name was even used on Sears' guitars... 1937! Both of these unusual guitars were built by Harmony, and bear the Supertone name. The round-hole guitar is arched, and the f-hole is a flattop!

From a December 1972 Lakeland Florida Ledger, we see a late-era 1295 flattop, and some cool machines for your pre-recorded sounds, too!


A quick ad for the venerable 604 flattop from the December 1959 Miami News

A little composite from our Facebook page...


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