The 1371 and 1372 were the 'bridge' between the popular 136X guitars and the last of the line 137X/1425 series. They weren't much different from the 136X, as the fancy headstock laminate was replaced by a black inlaid one and then to a simple 'thick script' silkscreened logo. The 'pointy/wavy' pickguard stayed, to be replaced by the 'curlicue' of the next and last electric 'Aristocrats.' The 'burst 1371 apparently sold more than the blonde 1372, if we take today's collectors market as a guide.

Spring/Summer 1957

Fall/Winter 1958

Musings on the nickname 'Aristocrat'

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The 1371 and 72
were more of a housekeeping duty than anything else, save for the disappearance of the fancy headstock laminates we had grown to know and love.

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