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The Dano-built,

1472 was part of the new, sleek look of the early 60s, part of a quartet of 'combo' amps that were portable, with clean lines and prominent front-mounted controls. On this model and its bass brother, the 1473, a hefty 'refrigerator' handle was also part of the package. Tremolo was included on this amp, controlled by a footswitch. Somewhat infamously, the first versions of this amp had the misspelled 'TREMLO' silkscreened on the front control panel.

Introduced: Fall/Winter 1961

Retired: Spring/Summer 1963

1472 Schematic (PDF)

The 1472 shared a unique look among its catalog mates. No other amp had vertically mounted front controls, zigzag knobs, or a 'partner' bass amp that looked very similar (the 1473). These amps always reminded me of a TV, and with the one-eyed monsters' ascendancy in the early '60s, it kinda makes sense.

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