The 1375 and 1376 were rarities in a year chock full of 'em; in addition to these seldom-seen models (actually I've never seen one of these, to my knowledge), this is also the year of the very rare 1326 and another rare axe, the 1328. The main difference between this model and its predecessor, the 1371/2 series, is the 'curlicue' pickguard, shared by the acoustic 64X series, and the upcoming 1425, which is a dead ringer for the 1375. The fanciful headstock of previous 'Aristocrats' is gone as well, in favor of a plainer (cheaper) silkscreened logo.

Spring/Summer 1959

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Kay-made guitars
are much harder to ID than Harmony-built guitars, strictly by the numbers. The numbers inside the body seldom correspond to a Sears model number.

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