The 'Peanut'
bodied 13XX series was yet another step in the evolution of Dano-built electric guitars. Nat Daniel and his design team had been refining the shape and features of these guitars since 1954, and the changes didn't stop with this model. From here on out, a wider body, different knobs, some different headstocks, some electrical specs and other features changed subtly over the rest of the life of these guitars, right on until 1962.


Fall/Winter 1957

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The 1317/19 and 1321/23 guitars
were the last of the narrow-bodied 'C' or 'peanut' body guitars Dano built for Sears. Two inches narrower than the 'U' shapes that would come after them, they also introduced the final evolution of the 'Coke bottle' headstock.

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