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The Harmony-built

is a rarity on today's collectors market. The triple-pickup'd axe sported a high price, cherry-red good looks, and a wide sonic palette afforded by the three rocker switch selectors and custom V/T network. Even more rare are the 1488s towards the end of the model run, with red pickup inserts, beefier knobs, a string mute, and a 'batwing' pickguard embellishment (and some without).

Fall/Winter 1965 at $119.95

Retired: Spring/Summer 1968 at $119.95. It's rumored there was a blue-finished / modified pickguard version of the 1488 at the end of the run. Got one? Seen one?
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This axe is a standout for a few reasons - triple DeArmond pickups; unseen on any other Harmony-built solidbody Silvertone, rocker selector switches; another exclusive  feature, and the highest price of any of the 14XX series.
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Here's an interesting off-site link to an exploration of the 1488's unique electronics.