The Kay-built 682

and 680
guitars were offered as 'Our Finest,' and the fancy appointments to these rare axes certainly bears that claim out. FIVE-ply binding on the top and back edge, bound headstock and f-holes(!), 'double triangle' (I call 'em 'cheese wedge') fretboard markers, a very fancifully painted colorful headstock logo laminate, and, on early models, a book-matched back and a fancy bridge added up to one deluxe guitar.

Introduced: 1948

Retired: 1949

Some musings on the 'Aristocrat' nickname.

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The 680/682
guitars are quite rare on today's collector market; I've never even seen a 680 to my knowledge, and the 682s are almost as scarce. I believe the blonde 682 sold the most simply because that was the one most prominently featured in catalog illustrations.

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