The Kay-built 678

and 680
came right after the long-running 674/676 'Aristocrats,' and seemed to be playing 'clean up' behind those guitars, the first acoustic cutaways offered by Sears. As the line continued their appointments became less fancy (cheaper), until we were left with these guitars. Gone was the fancy headstock laminate and shield-adorned pickguards, replaced by a simple natural headstock with an inlaid script logo, and a large 'S'' on the pickguard.
To my knowledge, I've never seen a blonde 680

Introduced: 1957

Retired: 1958

Aristocrat?!? Huh?

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The 678/680
guitars were the end of the pointy/wavy pickguarded line of Aristocrats, with only one more acoustic 'Aristocrat' group left in the line, the curlicue pickguarded 64X and 651 guitars.

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